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Voice Solutions

The latest in enterprise phone technology combines voice & data to reduce rentals and save up to 40% on calls!

You're probably already using a VOIP solution, but ask yourself these questions:

Are you paying for what you need?

Are you on the right plan?

What happens when you add more people?

Have you got the right support?

What if something goes wrong?

Do we need a chat?

See our full range of hosted VOIP deals or speak to one of our team now on 0333 241 6396

Is a hosted VOIP solution right for you?

Do you need to:

cut the cost of your calls?

network multiple offices & employees?

centralise cost control & management?

improve your system's flexibility?

replace your current PBX or support contract?

use your smartphone for work?

Why VOIP is a great idea for your business

it offers low cost calls

never miss a call

the VOIP network is location and system resilient & expandable

it's simple to use - VOIP services are plug & go, with pre-configured phones shipped as standard

you can keep your existing numbers